Sunday, September 13, 2009

Flyers are Here!

Pick up flyers at Make Studio Wed-Sat 12-8pm and Sun 12-4pm
Please remember that a successful show only happens when EVERYONE promotes =)
We have ordered in 10,000 flyers for this event, so we can hook you up with whatever you need.
We can mail them to you for 5.00, we will be doing all our mailing on one day, 9/16/09, if you want them mailed to you, please paypal 5.00 to and let us know how many you want, please ask for as many as you think you can get rid of!
Note, we do take notice of those vendors who don't take flyers to help promote. (with our secret spycam).

Thanks to those that have picked up in store already!

Posters will be ready Wednesday for pick up can be included in the mailing for you.

We will also be doing a limited number of hand screen printed posters.

Thanks again everyone!!!

PS: have you joined us on facebook and promoted the fan page to your friends?
Photos are going up as they come in, it can take us a few days to post. If you don't see your image there by Tuesday, just let us know, we should have all there that we have received by Tuesday, as well as on our website. So if yours is not there and you did upload or send it to us, just email us and we'll figure out what happened.


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