Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This is a a lot of info, but please be sure read it thoroughly, we do our best to give you answers to all your questions.

Bring your 25 ft. ext cord + Splitter or 6 pack power outlet.
If you will be purchasing electricity upon arrival, please remember, cash only, and please have exact change, as we will not. $25.00 per 2 items you plan to plug in.There will be a single outlet available to you within 25 ft of your space, you will plug in your 25 ft. cord and then add your 6plug powerstrip. Just because you have 6 plugs in your power strip doesn't mean you have that many shares, please only plug in what you have paid for. If you have 2 share, you may plug in 2 things, such as a fan and light, or xmas light strand and laptop, not an extension to 4 more items.
Lights may be 40w usage, no higher. We recommend the energy savers that give off more w than they use!
Such as this one that gives off 65w of lights, but only uses an actual 15w. Find them at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.
Please be kind and only use what you have paid for, we do our best to keep this price as low as we can to offer electricity. Sunset is at 7ish and there will be basic street lighting, this is not enough to showcase product, so please plan accordingly.REMINDER: NO SPACE HEATERS or other heat elements, no high voltage lighting. We will be coming around and checking.

Helpful Things:Cash Box with lots of singles
Figure your tax into your pricing ahead of time to save time and not worry about change.
Business cards
Zip Ties
Your Displays
tables & chairs (we do not supply)
Lighting if you signed up for electricity
price tags
email list book

We hope this is the biggest and busiest bazaar ever, of course you never can tell!With that being said, if you are a sole vendor and ever feel overwhelmed or that you need assistance, call for a volunteer, we will help you watch your booth if it's busy or you need to use the restroom, get a drink, etc.

While we generally don't have theft, it is the season and we have gotten lots of press, so with growth and awareness comes idiots, so be mindful and alert us if you feel anything is going on. We have 5 police officers or more on duty at most times and they are very good and helpful to us.

THE CENTRAL CASHIER will be under the only RED Tent! Questions, Credit Card Sales, Volunteer Requests, etc will be handled through this tent. Lindsey or Carmen is our Volunteer coord. and has worked the last 3 bazaars and can help you with pretty much any questions you might have. In addition, you can ask Carmen for help, she'll be wearing a name tag. Please go through these two people before me, as I will be ensuring the logistics of the show are being handled. Seriously!

Credit Card Processing - If you signed up for this, the process is as follows:
You will receive a sales book for your cc transactions, you will write up the ticket, (there will be a yellow and white copy, tear the white copy, give it to the customer, they will bring it to the red booth. They may shop around and bring a few together, this is normal. Once they pay, we give them a stamp (of which we will show you the day of the event). This stamp indicated PAID and is as good as cash. They will return the white slip to you, you will KEEP the white STAMPED slip, as well as you will keep the yellow slip in your booklet. THIS MEANS YOU WILL HAVE BOTH TICKETS. At the end of the bazaar you will compare your white slips with yellow slips, then you will put the STAMPED slips in the provided envelope and provide us with your paypal email address. We will paypal your funds to you minus 5% no later than 10 days after the bazaar. No fee will be accessed by paypal. If you do not have paypal and require a check, note that on your envelope and provide us with the name you want on the check + address you want it sent to. Checks will be sent within 15 business days and there is a $5.00 fee for checks.

If you are turning in your auction item at the bazaar, you must have it upon check in plus $35.00, unless you were a late application and we have made prior arrangements. You must have your description printed with value and vendor name included with this item, as we will not have time to do this the day of the show. Any vendors without this item will not be permitted to check in, so please have it ready. Volunteers will be checking you in and they will be told to make no exceptions. If you are not sending your item in early for a reason arranged with us ahead of time, you must send us an email with the information about item: item description, value, designer name no later than auction item due date so we can hold a place for it.

You will receive your credit card booklet and printed instructions at check in (if you signed up)

Remember:Smile, it makes a huge difference.

No early tear down, no late set up - you will be signing off on this and there will be a $250 fine for any late set up or early tear down. No exceptions!

Email us with questions, we will post answers to the blog, we'll do our best to check often

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