Sunday, August 30, 2009

Are you a Fan of Urban Bazaar on Facebook?

Please be sure to become a fan of UB on facebook! Also suggest to all your friends/fans.....we will be promoting, twittering, and facebooking all the way up to the event. Watch for your pictures and logos to be promoted via our facebook page!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Creative Spotlight - help with your creatives

A little help with the creative:

Please take note, there are many tutorials out there for helping you create outstanding creative.
We have provided you with specific sizes and requirements, please understand we will only use creative that arrives on time and in the proper format.

Here are a few sites that describe how to create perfect online ads, graphics, etc.
Note that for instance, we aren't using google display ads, but they have wonderful instructions on creative :

Photoshop Elements:

Or just search google for your own How-To....If you have created your banner heads and logos for etsy, this is very similar.

100 x 100 pixel logo creative - This will be used on posters and promotions in PRINT 300 dpi or maximum quality. low res images will not be used.
Great examples:
yomono poster image
Pamela Michelle

150 x 200 WxH Logo/Creative for use on our website - low to med resolution and may be rotating gifs.
Great examples:
yomono banner
tees,dowdy studio,silk screen,whale
Bolsa Bonita

An Image for us to send to the press without any writing or promotional type, any size, print quality.
Great Examples:
Laura Strother
wood,necklace,bird,cameo,pamela michelle

Get these in ASAP as our designer is putting together the poster and we go to Print Wednesday.

For your Magazine/Ad Creative, please make it pretty and have high resolution, these will be left in boutiques/stores/restaurants and used to promote the bazaar both in the weeks prior and on the day of the event, they are your "leave behind" for folks that want to revisit you or cannot make it to the event.
Great Example:

100x100 for poster - Due Monday Aug 31st at 5pm to group album
150x200 (vertical!) - Due September 10th at 5pm to group album
Press Photo - Due September 10th at 5pm to group album
Magazine Creative - Due September 10th to (do not send communication email, just ads!)
Group Album - no password but may be required to login to your photobucket account or create one: