Thursday, September 3, 2009

Emails Going Out - Creative Extension!

It has come to our attention that there were a select few of you just now receiving the emails as the list did not update on time before we sent out vendor blog email and others.

Please note that from this point forward all communication from us to you will be done via this blog.

All LARGE SIZE files must go to as it will crash our USB account

All communication emails MUST go to or we may not see them

For those of you just getting some of the emails or seeing due dates, please have your files in no later than tomorrow, we have the poster/postcard on hold until then, this also means you, who just thought you had missed the deadline, here is your chance!

If you have not subscribed to this blog, you won't know when we update it, please do that, it will notify you each time we update!

We will not be posting layout/location logistics until very close to the event, due to the city permits and approval processes that we must go through.

Remember, if you have reserved a table space, this is exactly what it is, just a table and chairs, no tents, no umbrellas over 36" in diameter, no ground displays (table top only).

If you are in a tent, there is no provided divider between you and your neighbors, if you feel you need one, start thinking of ideas now, whether it be artists walls, a banner, CLEAN sheets, etc. make it look nice and remember we are all here to work together!

Details will post soon about hints and helpful tips.

The biggest question we receive, how much product do I make?
We cannot answer this, however the general rule is you sell about half of what you bring, so if you want to make $xxx, you need to bring 2 or 3 times $xxx worth of product.
If you hope to make $1000 and you bring $1000 worth of product or worse, just $800, it's not going to happen =)

Good Luck!!

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