Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things you should know...

Tables and Chairs are not provided for any of our spaces. We provide the footprint of space + tent if your space comes with it.

Vendors many not leave product up overnight, the city makes us tear down and set up each day.
We will have some space to store tents, or large displays behind gates, however, we cannot be held liable, for items left in these spaces. Be sure to put your name on things like a tent/display/etc if you plan to do this

Please see applications page on, many questions we are getting right now via email are posted there and here.

NBC5 will be doing a story on bazaar some morning this week and may be out for live shots Saturday morning. I have learned that this is never 100% until it happens, but let's cross our fingers!

If you are late for set up, we REALLY WILL NOT MAKE EXCEPTIONS, that means everyone and for every excuse....sorry, too many vendors.

We have had 1800 hits to our website just today!!!! Thank you everyone, keep it coming, post and repost and repost.

Donna Harris is going to be sending out a huge newsletter push to her 210K readers and has put a wonderful posting on her site about the bazaar, check it out and join the email list if you haven't already.

For those of you using YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ORDER THE CARD READER, it's nice to have, but not required. You can call in charges or use your computer.
Everyone should have access to internet, but we cannot guarantee speed or constant access, so make sure you print the number and bring it with you.
Also review their process, print it to be sure! Always Always Always get a carbon of their card, either by rubbing it into your sales book or using a machine. Get their address and signature to cover your self. Don't forget a phone number too, check ID if you want to.

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