Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Final Wrap Up

I hope everyone is rested, I have just come back to work after 2 days in bed from the Flu.
So please be patient as I get through emails and begin getting everything back to normal.

1. Credit card payouts will be posted to your paypal or mailed by 10/20/09

2. If you left early or did not set up the 2nd day or were a no-show, a bill for $250 will either be issued or charged to your credit card per our blog. Remember, we turned down over 25 vendors to give you a space and we do have the no-set up and no-show $250.00 fee, it will be enforced.

3. There seems to be some confusion, there is not a December Bazaar this year, we will be releasing the 2010 Bazaar Dates in December/January via the website and email list.

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