Monday, October 19, 2009

Urban Bazaar Payouts from Central Cashier Have Begun

We have begun issuing central cashier credit card payouts via paypal and for a few of you via mail.
All transactions will be complete by tomorrow night. If you do not see yours by then, please contact us via email so we can get it straightened out right away for you.

Thank you so much! We have heard great feedback and suggestions for the future and we are excited to begin planning the 2010 Urban Bazaar, to be announced in December.

Many of our customers have also stated that they are excited to shop with the vendors online this holiday season, so be sure your websites and etsy sites are stocked =)

Also, dont forget about the Funky Finds Show, they are taking applications until Nov 15th!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Final Wrap Up

I hope everyone is rested, I have just come back to work after 2 days in bed from the Flu.
So please be patient as I get through emails and begin getting everything back to normal.

1. Credit card payouts will be posted to your paypal or mailed by 10/20/09

2. If you left early or did not set up the 2nd day or were a no-show, a bill for $250 will either be issued or charged to your credit card per our blog. Remember, we turned down over 25 vendors to give you a space and we do have the no-set up and no-show $250.00 fee, it will be enforced.

3. There seems to be some confusion, there is not a December Bazaar this year, we will be releasing the 2010 Bazaar Dates in December/January via the website and email list.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wet Fog / Humidity Rainfall

So the fabulous wet fog from tear down has stuck with us through this morning. It should be gone by 10ish, so no worries and it will be a 64 and partly sunny day according to most weather reports.

Check in times are the same as yesterday.

Reminder, do not block drive thrus, you are permitted your tent / booth space only.

Also be sure you only use your 40W or less allowed bulbs and after finding 2 space heaters during power issues yesterday we will repeat, NO HEAT ELEMENTS are to be plugged in!
Please be careful when stepping, setting up, sitting, do not turn off the power strips (this was another main cause of yesterdays problems). IF there is an issue, just let us know and we will get it fixed!

Credit Card Slips will be due at the end of the event in the envelopes for those of you that used our cc processing.

Have a great day!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fox 4 GoodDay

Intown mix did a great feature for us! sent out the bazaar in their weekly email!

Fox 4 Good Day will be doing a feature on the bazaar Saturday morning from 820-830ish. Spread the word! I will be taking some of the items sent in for auction items with me to help promote!

Final Days to promote on your facebooks, email lists, and websites, hit em hard!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things you should know...

Tables and Chairs are not provided for any of our spaces. We provide the footprint of space + tent if your space comes with it.

Vendors many not leave product up overnight, the city makes us tear down and set up each day.
We will have some space to store tents, or large displays behind gates, however, we cannot be held liable, for items left in these spaces. Be sure to put your name on things like a tent/display/etc if you plan to do this

Please see applications page on, many questions we are getting right now via email are posted there and here.

NBC5 will be doing a story on bazaar some morning this week and may be out for live shots Saturday morning. I have learned that this is never 100% until it happens, but let's cross our fingers!

If you are late for set up, we REALLY WILL NOT MAKE EXCEPTIONS, that means everyone and for every excuse....sorry, too many vendors.

We have had 1800 hits to our website just today!!!! Thank you everyone, keep it coming, post and repost and repost.

Donna Harris is going to be sending out a huge newsletter push to her 210K readers and has put a wonderful posting on her site about the bazaar, check it out and join the email list if you haven't already.

For those of you using YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ORDER THE CARD READER, it's nice to have, but not required. You can call in charges or use your computer.
Everyone should have access to internet, but we cannot guarantee speed or constant access, so make sure you print the number and bring it with you.
Also review their process, print it to be sure! Always Always Always get a carbon of their card, either by rubbing it into your sales book or using a machine. Get their address and signature to cover your self. Don't forget a phone number too, check ID if you want to.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Check In Information

Please note that with almost 90 vendors, check in will take patience and strict following of the information/guidelines to follow.

You will need to pull through the exact entrance given here, this is the only way you will be able to pull in front of your space to unload.

Once you park in front of your space, you have 10 minutes to unload all your goods in your space, DO NOT BEGIN SET UP!, then pull your car out of the barricaded area and park within the neighborhood. Please park a block or two away, leaving close parking for attendees. Do NOT park in the Bishop Arts District parking spots or parking lots, these are for the area businesses and we must repect their parking spaces.

Volunteers will be present to help you unload your items from your car to your space.

Check-in traffic will be ONE WAY, officers will be there to ENFORCE this, so please do not try coming in the other direction, we must do this in an orderly manner.

At your assigned intersection with BISHOP (such as Melba and Bishop or 9th and Bishop) ,you will be greeted (in your vehicle) by a check-in Volunteer who will provide you with your check in packet, review the options you signed up for, and then you will be provided with your tent number. You will also sign a liability form and a form stating to abide by all rules, laws, and guidelines of the event and the city of Dallas. Those of you using our credit card services will receive your credit card instructions and books and a copy of the stamp we will be using.

PLEASE REMAIN LINED UP (in your vehicle) on the left side of the street so thru traffic is not blocked! DO NOT LINE UP ON BISHOP OR ANY OTHER STREET NOT MENTIONED HERE, this will cause delays in set up.

10 x 10 - Full Tent Provided - Check in time: 9:30 - 11am You will come in via 8th street on the WEST side of Bishop, this means you will take Adams to 8th and 8th to Bishop. You will be taking a LEFT onto Bishop, then exiting at 7th , making a LEFT only onto 7th.

10 x 10 - YOUR OWN TENT - Check in time: 9:30 - 11am You will come in via 8th street on the EAST side of Bishop, this means you will take MADISON to 8th and 8th to Bishop. You will be taking a RIGHT onto Bishop, then exiting at 7th , making a LEFT only onto 7th.

TABLE SPACE - YOUR OWN TABLE in a 6x5 Space- Check in time: 10:30 - 11:15am You will come in via 8th street on the WEST side of Bishop, this means you will take Adams to 8th and 8th to Bishop. You will be taking a LEFT onto Bishop, then exiting at 7th , making a LEFT only onto 7th.

10x5 HALF TENT - Check in time: 9:30 - 11am You will come in via MELBA on the WEST or EAST side of Bishop, this means you will take Adams or Madison to 8th and 8th to Bishop. You will be taking a LEFT or RIGHT onto Bishop, then exiting at th , making a LEFT only onto 8th by making a RIGHT only, towards Madison.

No LATE check in, No Early Check In. If you miss your window, you will have to carry your set up/display/product from your parked car.

Electricity will be set up by Noon, be patient please. NO HIGH WATTAGE and we will check if you have signed up for electric. Electricity sign up on the day of the event is $25.00 extra ON TOP OF REGULAR RATE. - Cash Only

SIGN UP FOR CREDIT CARD on day of is $45.00 - Cash Only

Bring your cash drawer, we will not have change

Bring your own 25' orange ext cord + multi plug outlet attachment or 6outlet pack

Business cards/flyers - Flyers for events or promotions that are not directly affiliated with our vendors or the Urban Bazaar are NOT permitted. For example, flyers for an estate sale you are having next week or another event of a friend or organization. Sponsors and Vendor promotions ONLY.

Trading is common among vendors, however be courteous about it. Offer a trade without any pressure, as the other vendor just may not be in a position to trade or may not have a need for what you have. The best way to say it is: " I am with this booth, I am up for a trade if that interests you." Leave it at that, don't put anyone in the position to say yes or no right away, they will come to your booth and check it out if they can.

Copying - Do not copy other peoples work

Photographs - we do not allow close up photography of peoples product, protect your work.
However, if someone does look to want to take a photo, be sure to ask what it's for, it might be press. If not, just let them know politely that you don't allow photographs.

Theft - Generally not an issue, however if you see a problem, let us know via the cashier booth or one of our volunteers or an officer. Do not over-react, just let us know and we'll take care of it.

More information to post this week as we deem necessary. Be sure to check this blog through Friday!

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To Make:

Take 35 S. towards Waco, exit Colorado Ave (1st exit past reunion), make a RIGHT turn onto Colorado. Follow Colorado past Lake CLiff and Methodist Hospital, LEFT ONTO BISHOP then make a LEFT to Adams or a Right to Madison on Davis and then onto either 8th or Melba, depending on your check in point.

If you are coming 35N, Exit Jefferson/Zang, merge onto Zang, go through the Jefferson light, 2 small streets later on your left side (it's easy to miss) you will see 9th Street, make a left. Take 9th to Adams or Madison and follow map to your check point.

From 30 coming from the East, Take the Sylvan exit at the Post Office, make a left on Sylvan, follow it up through Winnetka Heights/Kessler Park and make a LEFT on Davis and a RIGHT on Adams or Madison, depending on your check in point, then follow map to the check in.

From 30 coming from the West, take the Beckley exit right before downtown, right on Beckley, right on Colorado, left on Bishop at Methodist Hospital. At Davis make a left or right depending on your check in point and use map to find your check in point.

Hard Core Press and Viral Marketing Push!!

Social Networking is the name of this game!!! Share, Post, re-Post and flyer your hearts out!
We are!!!! We are planning 3 posts/pushes per day, we know which of you have posted us to your blogs and we are so thankful!

We have been mentioned or will be mentioned this week in the following: (confirmed)
People Newspapers (join this email list if you have not!)
all event sites possible!

So all that is left is for yall to push on your sites and facebooks, it's as easy as "+share", if you are our fan that is.

More later!